Travel in way !

19 Aug 2011

Recently, many things suddenly stacked together, the whole feeling tired, tired to numbness. If the whole body numb okay, however the worst part of it is numb. If you’re numb all the time, also good, but actually such as the TV network step-by-step, the intermediate race against time to insert advertising. The most sad is that advertising is the insertion can not appear to delete. This feeling of happiness or frustration?

Someone once said: want to travel abroad to achieve the aspirations of youth. For me personally, sometimes the need for travel is to experience voice of the soul, full steam ahead just like a quiet cry. Recently, particularly, to someone in a strange place, walk, you can enjoy a daze, give yourself a sufficient space and time, do not do anything, do not need to take anything.


Always loved the feeling from the road. Chance of a lens, a mind transaction, can be a beautiful success. Considering an extended walk to the place of your brain, only some of flying through a dream, really beautiful, beautiful. Away from mobile landscape, your brain is the flow of the landscape, there should be and also the, sometimes with separation, but a fantasy one, they drop just a little sense, it is a spiritual immersion, immersion quiet and ecstasy .

The street is silent, but never feel bored all the time and space is full, leaving his own. Like standing on a corner, watching the ancient building, the next tick while it is raining, played through the good reputation for the charm. Like watching the sunset sky, long, long time, and felt a marvelous vagaries of the atmosphere, plus some Zen. Emotion and appeared as if a desolate stretch of the trees, reading its story, its good and the bad, a distant, a longing, to the distant winding from the extension of extension. . .

This is a trip, a trip from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. This is a spiritual immersion, a self-close look. In the journey through thoughts and feelings, is really a nature from the publicity and release.


One day, somewhere one kind of fate began to travel, soul trembled, but do not know for what? Full of dough and also the sense of moisture beating heart, a lot of a life color, but also an additional music.

Bubbling flow of springs silence, from life itself for many years the understanding of deposition, but also from the heart are not sure of the destination. In jis journey, do not want to leave does not mean that won’t leave. Am getting at this, but located in the heart. Stubborn silence, a voice, mind cannot resolve the songs. Self-silence, is really a color, the colour from the mind cannot be washed.

Sometimes feel the sky’s pale, our planet is lonely, rain is desolate, fallen foliage is misty. Exposure to one individual, feelings of regret and grievances. Always believe that silence is a type of love, a watch. But also acknowledged that silence is much more of a frustration, an escape, an average, and moderate inside a self-stubborn. Merely a deep sigh immersed inside a dream, tells a truth: moderate never be perfect, and some too much hypocrisy, or too many defects.

Once thought that travel only a spiritual enjoyment, came after many, just understand, come to worry about travel, I feel nothing according of just one kind, a distinct feeling empty, although not touch, bringing biting ice cold.

Many people say: Wei mountain silence is a moth, clear water is really a silent spirit. Whenever you love something, you’ll learn that silence is an appreciation from the extreme, language and feeling weak compared to the way the language is really a constraint, cannot describe long-distance travel in Xinyu.

So, let mind quiet, still dreams at nighttime once the heart is tender. So, let your heart filled with blessings, drift into a lingering and warm air in the endless passion for years, can continue to believe in themselves.




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