Light Yin sigh adjustment

13 Sep 2011

Birds in the past, life and fight against, Millennium passing cold months woven fragrant scarf silk, Polish blurred eyes for me, to find dusty in the beauty of the world. Yes, want to write an article, to the South, but does not know where to Tibi. The South, to my memory is a strange and familiar. Who can I tell, about South of memory?
Reading Tang poem song CI, net read prose descriptions of Jiangnan, from someone else’s description, I read between the poetic in the South, South of great looking, Jiangnan wield a sentimental, like a paradise, less coarse ore and wild, more than a few classical female tenderness.
People dream, making thoughts or recollections flashing across one ‘ s mind chapters, in a small town in the North, to fantasy South regional style of sth
Tonight, the Moon is round, a reunion, eating moon cake, sit in the mountain village kiosk, have some charm. Listen to the wind, across the shallow blue; piano, played inner thoughts, but the music outstanding, the wind is still sth
Parents some friendship between generations and lively conversation, how happy we are, really is a great treat. And I don’t like talking to more people, under such a beautiful night scenery, I come alone, any thought, flying all over until spread to South of thrill me sth




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