Even hurt you even do not know how to get to the outflow of tears

7 Dec 2011

When love meets grateful, you can’t say anything of the wow gold buying, lost feelings, you can’t appreciate your person to talk about.
Even hurt you even do not know how to get to the outflow of tears, this is love. Without any added value, wanted to insist on their own will, only to find that many are like jokes, being seen in the eyes, smile in my heart.
Would like to say something, really. And the so-called love doing a solemn farewell, convergence is the last of the Testament. But I don’t have the heart to, at least that was my love. I wanted to draw a thick make-up effects, revival, only roles, for a place, for all sth
Yes she taught me how to love life, love someone, let me know what little men are they who need, maybe, perhaps many, many women need.
I will learn, from this day forward, a eight years ago, I, for everyone to care about, to understand, to read.
Eight years ago, I like you now your request, concern that everyone around you, parents, relatives, friends, I’ve been trying to read every one. But when I really get down to that, even the evil of humanity is without reservation that I see. Begin to want to flee, and begin to free themselves, forgotten love felt by so many people. Is that man is a living for themselves, not for others. Now I finally know for themselves is really alive, but never too self. Yes, once experienced, I laughed for a long time, and then want to cry. I did not, know that no one cares about your cheap tears, and no one will wipe away tears blurred eyes for you.

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