Night and deepened its meaning it’s cold

17 Dec 2011

Now, I keep in this winter’s night, stares at the ink-stained night sky, thinking of you used to write verses, humming a have you humming the song, tasted over the corners of tears. Suddenly, the heart is being emptied Buy World Of Warcraft Gold out the same, very light very light, light when you’re dancing like a flower brisk figure, like flies with the wind in your country.
Empty streets, lonely figure, cold air, the rest is just a human sigh. I spread out my hands, watching the light pass fingers, light touch on the fingertips, some soft warmth, that feeling, as if it were your soft hand hold. Warm along the fingertips along systemic veins, blood vessels converge, and the weakened heart is also a silk warm, warm, was that you had to love.
Night and deepened its meaning, it’s cold, deeper layer, sitting on the benches under the street light, but do not feel the chill. Look fuzzy under lights in the shadows, eyes is not known when the mystery, nod, and found a warm gesture, burying into his arms, stupefy, seem to have done a very, very long dream.

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