I accompany you for dinner then watch you leave

24 Dec 2011

I hate most is betrayal, most adhere to in my life that does not leave do not discard! I have always thought that at the time: the hand is a responsibility of starting, was the birth of a commitment, isn’t it Cheap WOW Gold? If he did not release my hands, I will not leave without him! Even though I know, I and he needs a lot of running, I knew I had him, means that you want to accept his habits of all odds with me, the way! But now that you have chosen, I walk on, in addition to the firm to enable us to love him, what can I do?
I am in conflict with, you, I can’t think. So, just as if nothing had happened, then played down laughing, inattentive of hip hop. I accompany you for dinner, then watch you leave, heart suddenly like a blank sheet, because I don’t know how I should feel!
The world is so wonderful, you’re gone, I insist, do not open the gate of happiness. I and him out of the way, poles apart personalities and preferences, is doomed to a person’s concession, or is destined to the tragedy of the story.

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