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    Lunar calendar September 19 as a few days ago have been

    East Gate, a fresh breath of the sea, blowing breeze seemed to remind you today of the Thunder rain–I’m not sure is autumn or winter rain. Suddenly, finding, since he came to Yantai, to reduce the feeling of the season.Just thought I always live in two seasons, or blowing sea breeze of the heat of the summer, or micro-cold wind with snow in winter. In between these two seasons, there seems to be no clear boundaries. As from summer to winter, just like yesterday it was heavy rain, will hike up the snow tomorrow. Lunar calendar September 19, as a few days ago have been cloudy, we missed a few nights of the full moon.South East round moon hanging in the sky tonight. On the surface is light, generic looking seaward, want to join a call someone to come out to celebrate, opened a te
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    The state of texas is certainly counted when the perfect section

    Seeing that a long time ago, traditional consumers have recognised as well as a blowing wind that will help your daily life better. During Babylonia together with Singapore, such as, close to 4000 a long time ago any populace RS Gold for several zones put to use the strength within the a blowing wind that will pour standard water thus to their bounty. When playing in Western world during old, consumers put to use a blowing wind power to grind grain thus to their nutrition. During fashionable experiencing, a blowing wind ability must be used meant for bigger bonus. In certain section within the society which unfortunately attracts loads of a blowing wind, French such as, purposes any a blowing wind power to build an electrical source. Mainly because point in time elapses, anytime c
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    Pot full of sweet smell of jasmine to escape

    Cirrus clouds in the sky sits far Shu, a little bit of the setting sun fall down, dusk a little bit of consistency, I think there’s a hint of sadness. Summer evening the wind gently brushed my cheek, I don’t want, this comfortable and cool. Pot full of sweet smell of jasmine to escape Jeremy Bentham who, I don’t want, this enchanted. Shop, purging thousands of glow in the sky, I don’t want, this magnificent poetry. I think blocking all my thoughts tonight I’m going to see him. I’m patiently waiting for the night a little bit of all the color to Dim, it has full, Moon climbs up the starry sky, then I let the stars be my eyes, the Moon is my soul, silently to his lodging.
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    Light Yin sigh adjustment

    Birds in the past, life and fight against, Millennium passing cold months woven fragrant scarf silk, Polish blurred eyes for me, to find dusty in the beauty of the world. Yes, want to write an article, to the South, but does not know where to Tibi. The South, to my memory is a strange and familiar. Who can I tell, about South of memory? Reading Tang poem song CI, net read prose descriptions of Jiangnan, from someone else’s description, I read between the poetic in the South, South of great looking, Jiangnan wield a sentimental, like a paradise, less coarse ore and wild, more than a few classical female tenderness. People dream, making thoughts or recollections flashing across one ‘ s mind chapters, in a small town in the North, to fantasy South regional style of sth T
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    Travel in way !

    Recently, many things suddenly stacked together, the whole feeling tired, tired to numbness. If the whole body numb okay, however the worst part of it is numb. If you’re numb all the time, also good, but actually such as the TV network step-by-step, the intermediate race against time to insert advertising. The most sad is that advertising is the insertion can not appear to delete. This feeling of happiness or frustration? Someone once said: want to travel abroad to achieve the aspirations of youth. For me personally, sometimes the need for travel is to experience voice of the soul, full steam ahead just like a quiet cry. Recently, particularly, to someone in a strange place, walk, you can enjoy a daze, give yourself a sufficient space and time, do not do anything, do not need to tak


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