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    Lunar calendar September 19 as a few days ago have been

    East Gate, a fresh breath of the sea, blowing breeze seemed to remind you today of the Thunder rain–I’m not sure is autumn or winter rain. Suddenly, finding, since he came to Yantai, to reduce the feeling of the season.Just thought I always live in two seasons, or blowing sea breeze of the heat of the summer, or micro-cold wind with snow in winter. In between these two seasons, there seems to be no clear boundaries. As from summer to winter, just like yesterday it was heavy rain, will hike up the snow tomorrow. Lunar calendar September 19, as a few days ago have been cloudy, we missed a few nights of the full moon.South East round moon hanging in the sky tonight. On the surface is light, generic looking seaward, want to join a call someone to come out to celebrate, opened a te


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