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    Night and deepened its meaning it's cold

    Now, I keep in this winter’s night, stares at the ink-stained night sky, thinking of you used to write verses, humming a have you humming the song, tasted over the corners of tears. Suddenly, the heart is being emptied Buy World Of Warcraft Gold out the same, very light very light, light when you’re dancing like a flower brisk figure, like flies with the wind in your country. Empty streets, lonely figure, cold air, the rest is just a human sigh. I spread out my hands, watching the light pass fingers, light touch on the fingertips, some soft warmth, that feeling, as if it were your soft hand hold. Warm along the fingertips along systemic veins, blood vessels converge, and the weakened heart is also a silk warm, warm, was that you had to love. Night and deepened its meaning, it&
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    Then I have the dream vision would also like to have a version for her happiness

    Say happiness is VIPs to win, but some happiness when you go to fight for it but farther away from you. The happiness I think ten years ago still fresh, then I have the dream vision would also like to have a version for her happiness. So, I chose the one love, then you are also very affectionate to me. Everything is full of joy, and in that day you seek me, and seems for me star star took off for me. And your caring concern me, I have enjoyed the sweet warmth. However, when the Princess met the old woman when the tragedy has quietly kicked off. Love and reality meet in the United States than brutality of fact, the story of Cinderella and the Prince are good only for the Western world. When a man love a woman when he must be wholeheartedly. However, when he decided to leave so easy never l


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